A Day in the Life - Branch Manager at Webster Bank

8.00am -It is Monday morning and you know you have a busy day ahead. It is the first day of a new checking campaign, and heavy advertising started the week before. On your way to work, you are role playing in your head the Morning Huddle that you will be facilitating with your team, trying to anticipate questions and thinking of ways to motivate the staff.
8.30am -It is time for the branch Morning Huddle! All branch team members meet for 5-10 minutes to discuss the strategy for the day. The conversation centers on the checking campaign. You facilitate the Huddle, describing details of the checking campaign. This conversation turns into a mini "rehearsal clinic", in which all staff members are trying to think like the customer, brainstorming possible questions and objections a customer may have. You lead the discussion, working with your employees to role play different answers, ensuring a positive customer experience. You ask your staff what they are going to do that day to make the team more successful.
8.45am -You tour the facilities inside and outside to ensure that the Branch Appearance Checklist is being followed. You pick up a couple of stray ATM receipts in the vestibule and throw them away. First impressions are everything!
8.50am -The branch opens its doors 10 minutes early to customers, helping out those that are in a hurry to get to work. You are in the lobby, saying hello to customers entering and directing them to a Teller or a Personal Banker depending on their needs. For the majority of the day, you are with customers, asking them questions about their current and future banking needs and selling products and services that are aligned with these needs. During breaks from walk-in customers, you are in the lobby observing employee interactions with customers, providing quick coaching when needed.
2.00pm -You have designated this time to sit with one of your Personal Bankers at her desk and observe her serving customers. This takes 45 minutes, after which you meet with her one on one and coach her on what was observed. You review her documented conversations with her customers and provide coaching on the quality of the conversations, making sure to highlight both the positive items and areas of opportunity.
4.00pm -You follow operating procedures with the Teller Supervisor and Assistant Manager at the close of business, assisting with the balancing of teller drawers and making sure banker desks are clear and all customer information is filed away appropriately. A teller is having trouble balancing his drawer. With the Teller Supervisor looking on, you count the drawer again and find the difference.
4.30pm -You have two appointments scheduled with businesses in town, so you leave the branch early to make these customer calls. Previously you had prepared for these visits by looking up the customer information in the system to identify any possible sales opportunities. You are excited to introduce yourself and to thank these businesses for making Webster Bank their bank of choice!