A Day in the Life - Personal Banker at Webster Bank

8.00am -It is Monday morning and you know you have a busy day ahead. It is the first day of a new checking campaign, and heavy advertising started the week before. On your way, you are thinking of ways that you can contribute to your team's success.
8.30am -It is time for the branch Morning Huddle! All branch team members meet for 5-10 minutes to discuss the strategy for the day. The conversation centers on the checking campaign. You volunteer to commit to completing an in-depth customer profile on every customer that you see today. You also commit to contacting your newest customers, making sure that their accounts were opened correctly and their debit cards and checks have been received. Your manager coaches you on different things you can say to make these conversations fruitful, possibly leading to more sales opportunities. On this particular day you are also assigned the Branch Appearance Checklist, so you tour the branch inside and out, picking up ATM receipts off the ground and straightening marketing brochures in their racks. You want the branch to look neat and clean when customers arrive, knowing that first impressions are everything!
8.50am -The branch opens its doors 10 minutes early to customers, helping out those that are in a hurry to get to work. You are at your desk, ready to start serving customers. You wave and say hello to customers entering, using their names when you know them. For the majority of the day, you are with customers, asking them questions about their current and future banking needs and selling products and services that are aligned with these needs. During breaks from walk-in customers, you are reaching out to others by phone, following up on potential sales and service opportunities.
2.00pm -Your manager has designated this time to sit with you at your desk and observe you serving customers. This takes 45 minutes, after which your manager meets with you one on one and coaches you on what was observed. You do a great job in asking a lot of questions, finding out if your customers bank elsewhere and what products and services they utilize. Excellent job! A couple of times today, however, you struggled with creating next steps with the customer. Make sure you get contact information from these customers and schedule time with them to talk again.
4.00pm -You shut down your desk for the day, making sure to abide by all operating procedures by correctly filing all paperwork and customer signature cards. As you have done throughout the day, you make sure your desk is clean with no customer information visible.
4.30pm -Your manager holds an operations meeting to train all team members on a new procedure which goes into effect next week. You listen carefully, asking questions when you need to, role playing customer scenarios with your team members and taking notes to ensure your understanding. You want to be fully prepared to assist customers with the new procedures.
5.00pm -Traveling home, you reflect back on your coaching session with your manager, resolving to get better at creating firm action steps with customers before they leave your desk, knowing that doing so will lead to more great results!