Webster regional manager teaches 'School of Rock'

(10/09) — Barry Toothaker, senior vice president, and Webster's Massachusetts/Rhode Island regional manager, strummed his way into the hearts of kindergarteners at the Gordon School in East Providence, R.I.,


Toothaker started his visit in the fall of 2009 by asking the classroom full of 5 year olds to tell him what they enjoy doing outside of school and what they do to get better at it. Then he pulled out his guitars and used them to demonstrate how study and practice will help them achieve their dreams.


"This age group is wonderful to work with because everything is new and they have such a thirst for life and learning," he says. "First, I introduced them to the acoustic guitar and let each one strum it while I held down the chords. Then, I switched to the electric guitar and they got really excited. I turned on the amp and let them strum that guitar and experience the different sounds it can make."


"The energy and excitement in their eyes is a great reward and is very inspiring," he said. "It's the only time I'll ever know what it feels like to be a rock star."