The Economic Review is the bi-monthly newsletter written by Webster's Economic Adviser Nick Perna who brings current economic trends to life with expert commentary and a down-to-earth style.

What do bond bubbles, tulips in Holland, unemployment insurance and the Fed have in common? - October, 2010
In the September/October issue of Economic Review, Webster Economic Advisor Nick Perna ties it all together.

There’s a bull market for pessimism - July, 2010
In the July/August issue of Economic Review, Webster Economic Advisor Nick Perna concludes even though the recovery is less than robust, chances are we will avoid the dreaded 'double dip' recession.

The global financial crisis was years in the making and defies easy explanation. - May, 2010
In the May/June issue of Economic Review, Webster Economic Advisor Nick Perna discusses how several interrelated factors contributed to our current economic woes.

Will a Greece fire singe the Euro? - March, 2010
Webster economic advisor Nick Perna assesses the potential impact that Greece’s financial troubles (and those of other European nations) will have on the Eurozone in the March/April issue of Economic Review.

Who is TED and why should anyone care if he’s putting on a few pounds? - January, 2010
In the January/February issue of Economic Review, Economic advisor Nick Perna gives a primer on the ‘TED spread’, munis, ‘guvvies’ and other financial instruments that provide indicators about the health of the economy.

The economy is growing, the stock market is up, but the job market remains lackluster. - December, 2009
Unfortunately, history shows that jobs are the last sector to recover from a recession, explains economic advisor Nick Perna in the November/December issue of Economic Review.

It’s been a year since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the bailout of AIG. - October, 2009
Webster Economic Advisor Nick Perna considers ‘what if’ we had done nothing to prevent their collapse. And he asks ‘now what’ and ponders how the Fed, Treasury, the Congress and the Obama administration are crafting reforms to prevent similar financial meltdowns in the future.

How does the Federal Reserve regulate the money supply in order to avoid both inflation and deflation, while ensuring sustainable economic growth? - August, 2009
Answer: very carefully. As Nick Perna explains in this July/August issue of Economic Review, there are plenty of Fed second guessers on both sides of the political spectrum.

Should we spend more, save less? Spend less, save more? Fret more over inflation or deflation? Bet the dollar will rise or fall? - June, 2009
There are few clear-cut answers to such vexing questions, but fear not, as Nick Perna provides his always enlightening perspective on the great issues of the day in the June issue of Economic Review.

Nick Perna examines the current employment numbers - April, 2009
Nick Perna provides insight into how government agencies compile the "jobs report" and as a bonus, Perna reveals the top secret protocol required to keep the report under wraps until it's ready for public release.

Podcast Duration: 00:04:32

Nick Perna discusses the little-understood phenomenon of Deflation - January, 2009
Nick Perna explain deflation, the myriad of problems it can cause for the economy and the tools policy makers have to fight it.

Podcast Duration: 00:04:19

Nick Perna provides the long view of the health of the economy - December, 2008
Nick Perna examines recessions from years past and concludes that the current downturn looks (thankfully) a lot more like the 1974-75 and 1981-82 recessions than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Podcast Duration: 00:04:21

The Overall Health of the Economy- September, 2008
Hear Nick Perna tie it all together; inflation, oil prices, commodity bubbles, jobs and an assessment the Fed and Treasury Department plan to avert recession and restore stability to the credit markets.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:35

The Numbers Never Lie - July, 2008
Hear Nick Perna dissect the data used to compile three of the key indexes that track nation real estate trends.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:57

Ask "The Money Doctor" - May, 2008
Hear Nick Perna assess a perplexing patient: the national economy.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:58

The Consensus - March, 2008
Hear Nick Perna analyze the steps being taken by the Fed and Congress to mitigate the downturn in the economy.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:58

The Dismal Science - January, 2008
Hear about the many factors that may indicate the U.S. economy's shift from slow growth to possible recession.

Podcast Duration: 00:04:07

Is the Dropping Dollar Good or Bad? - November, 2007
Hear about the positive and negative effects of the dollar's decline relative to other currencies.

Podcast Duration: 00:04:06

The Laurel and Hardy Syndrome - September, 2007
Hear about the current credit environment.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:47

Is inflation phobia sweeping the nation? - July, 2007
Hear about interest rates and where they may be headed.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:23

Are we headed for Another Bad Hairy Day? - May, 2007
Hear about the possible return of "stagflation".

Podcast Duration: 00:03:51

The Great Depression or the Great Misunderstanding? - March, 2007
Hear about the latest trends in the savings habits of Americans and the nation.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:48

Economic Soft Landing - January, 2007
2007 looks like a year of slow, but positive growth: Webster's Economist Nick Perna offers his forecast for 2007.

Podcast Duration: 00:03:34

The Impact of Unemployment - October, 2006
Toil, toil...soft landing or trouble. Webster Economist Nick Perna discusses the impact of unemployment rates on the regional and national economies. While the labor market appears strong today, Nick forecasts some potential concerns for the future.

Podcast Duration: 00:02:47