Managing Cash Effectively

Good cash management is the key to a successful business. Let Webster provide the resources to help your company thrive.

Profits are important but good cash management is essential to a business’ success—and survival. That’s why at Webster, we want to help ensure you have the right tools that enable you to understand, effectively manage, and maximize your cash flow.


With our cutting-edge Cash Management Services that collect and disburse payments as well as provide transactional details, we help find ways to lower payment costs, remove paper from the process, and automate payments. All of our services center around our secure, online system, Webster Web-Link®, that allows you to review and initiate payment transactions in real time.


Plus, we offer short-term investment products that can maximize your available cash securely, and with little commitment. Count on Webster to provide the resources that help your business achieve short-term stability as well as growth that takes you long into the future.


Webster’s Solutions Can Help Your Business

Manage Cash Flow + Boost Efficiency
Accounts and tools to help you gain greater control over your cash
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Increase Cash Flow
Boost your liquidity with credit, loans, and short-term investments
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Protect Against Fraud
Recognize where fraud can occur and find ways to prevent it
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The first step to gaining greater control of your cash is making clear financial projections for your company. Once you have a solid understanding of how much money is coming in and going out of your business, you can effectively start managing your cash.


At Webster, we’re here to provide the consultative support and expert advice you need, and the state-of-the-art tools you won’t want to be without. From speeding up receivables to managing payables effectively, we have convenient services that can help you stay on top of your cash, and plan for the future, while also boosting your business’ efficiency to reduce costs and increase revenue.


Bank Accounts to Facilitate Cash Flow

Our suite of cash management tools is designed to work with your Webster business checking account. Choose from a range of FDIC-insured accounts created for your company’s needs.


For businesses with high volume and cash management needs, Commercial Checking offers a premium earnings credit rate, fast clearing times for deposited checks, and sophisticated online banking through Webster Web-Link®, our online reporting and transaction system.


We also have a number of specialty checking accounts created specifically for different industries and agencies. For law firms, we offer IOLTA Checking and Escrow Sub-Accounting. For realtors, we have IOREBTA Checking, as well as Municipal Checking and Checking with Interest for Non-Profits. [all link to]


At Webster, we also offer savings accounts to help make your available cash work harder for your business. Consider linking Premium Business Money Market Savings to your checking account. Not only will you earn a competitive rate, your rate will grow as your balance does. For municipalities, Webster also offers the Secure Municipal Account, a fully collateralized money-market account.


And with any Webster commercial checking account, you can choose Webster’s Automatic Investment Account that provides an automatic transfer of all cash over your target balance into an investment instrument at the end of each business day.


Convenient Control Over Cash Flow

Once you have a Webster business checking account, you have access to easy-to-use and time-saving tools that give you instant control over cash management.


With Webster Web-Link®, our online reporting and transaction system, you have the ultimate tool for retrieving, reviewing, and analyzing information about your Webster accounts in a secure environment. Anywhere, anytime of day, you can log in at your convenience and get information you need to make smart spending decisions for your business.


Add the Webster Deposit-Link® service and you have a convenient way to make faster deposits. Simply log into your online account, scan your paper checks, and submit them electronically. That means you can eliminate the time and expense of traveling to a branch, and extend the daily deposit deadline to 8 p.m. EST.


Perhaps you’re looking for a way to not only expedite processing, but facilitate prompt payments from customers. With Webster Payment-Link®, we can help you maximize the potential of your company’s website by equipping it with a secure online payment solution that lets your customers pay their bills right on your site, using credit cards, debit cards, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.


It’s easy for them, and easy for your business. With this service, you’ll reduce the number of paper checks to collect, and speed up the cash-receipts process to get payments posted faster.


Cutting Costs “Automatically”

Reducing costs can actually mean less work for your business. When you outsource and automate processes, you can save time and money in the long term through greater efficiencies and more effective use of your staff.


For example, Webster’s Autoborrow provides a convenient way of managing your cash flow. It automatically draws funds when you need them, and in turn, automatically pays down your balance when funds are available. So not only will you keep your interest expenses at a minimum, you’ll also eliminate manual tracking and transfers.


Webster also helps take the hassle out of rebalancing your company’s sub-accounts with our convenient Zero Balance Account. This automatic service transfers your funds for you, keeps your sub-accounts at zero, and maximizes your cash.


Helping to eliminate burdensome payment collection and processing for your business, Webster offers automated Wholesale and Retail Lockbox Processing. With this time-saving service, customers remit payment to you through a regional post office box, and Webster picks them up to copy, endorse, and deposit the items the very same day.

Let’s face it, cash projections are only projections. No business can predict the future and it’s important to be prepared for new opportunities, unexpected expenses, delinquent customers, and market fluctuations.


At Webster, we can help you find ways to profit from the cash you have on hand, as well as boost your liquidity in a pinch.


Maximize Cash With Short-Term Investments

For convenient ways to improve your cash flow, Webster offers a number of treasury investment products that can be linked directly to your Webster checking account.


Choose from a range of options, including Repurchase Agreements, or repos, an easy way to maximize your cash on hand with relative safety. Fully collateralized by government or government agency securities, repos offer fixed rates and flexible maturity dates to match your cash flow needs.


For larger investments of $100,000 or more, Webster’s Jumbo Certificates of Deposit (CDs) pay fixed rates of interest for fixed periods of time. These short-term investments are issued at face value, and are a great option to guarantee a certain yield.


Consider taking advantage of the competitive rates offered on these short-term money market investments issued by Webster’s Grand Cayman branch. Eurodollar Time Deposits don’t have FDIC insurance, but they can offer an alternate investment to achieve growth on your company’s investments.


With U.S. Treasury and Government Agency Securities, you can choose from a range of Treasury bills, notes, and bonds. These investment products are backed or sponsored by the U.S. Government and can offer a simple way to add safety and stability to your portfolio.


And if you’re looking for investments with short maturity terms, Commercial Paper provides you with unsecured, uninsured promissory notes issued by creditworthy corporations.


Fast Financing When You Need It

When you need to accelerate your business’ cash flow, our Lines of Credit give you the quick and flexible access to cash you’re looking for. By working with your company closely to customize the best terms and payment options for your company, we can help provide a safety net if your business ever needs one.


Webster also offers a range of other financing solutions to maximize long-term opportunities and take the pressure off your daily cash flow.


Our Asset-Based Financing solutions, through our subsidiary Webster Business Credit Corporation, offer a convenient way to secure capital by allowing you to borrow against your company assets. With Webster’s Commercial Term Loans, enjoy flexible loans that offer competitive rates and custom repayment plans.


For more specialized lending, Webster offers Equipment Financing that helps you keep your equipment current without jeopardizing your company’s cash flow. And if you need financing for Commercial Real Estate, Webster’s team of Relationship Managers has the expertise to tailor loans whether you’re a commercial owner, developer, buyer, or builder.



All credit products and pricing are subject to the normal credit approval process. Some applications may require further consideration and/or supplemental information. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Fraud can happen to any business. And not only does it threaten your cash flow, but it puts your business at serious risk. To help protect your business and make it less vulnerable, Webster provides effective tools to help you recognize areas where fraud can occur and find ways to avoid it.


Through Positive Pay, Webster’s highly effective Fraud Services system, you can prevent account fraud before it happens. By allowing you to view potentially fraudulent activity on your account via Webster Web-Link®, you can be alerted to issues before they become problems.


With Check Positive Pay, your list of issued checks is sent to Webster and compared—by serial number, amount, and payee name—against checks presented for payment against your account through the standard clearing process and at Webster’s teller line. Anything potentially fraudulent is posted immediately via Webster Web-Link®.


For ACH transactions, ACH Positive Pay and Debit Block services protect your account electronically from unauthorized or potentially fraudulent ACH debits. These services are used in conjunction with Check Positive Pay, and with ACH Positive Pay, you can restrict access to your commercial accounts.

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