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Help to maximize your investment income potential and expand your range of assets with Webster’s full line of products.

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If you’re looking for flexible, short-term investments to diversify your portfolio, Webster’s Treasury Sales Group can offer you a range of money market investments. Let Webster’s experienced Treasury Sales team customize a plan address your personal needs.

Webster’s Treasury Products Include

Repurchase Agreements

With Repurchase Agreements or “repos”, Webster sells you U.S. government or government agency backed securities from our investment portfolio and also agrees to buy them back on a specific date for a price based on a fixed rate of return. Simply put, you’re lending money and earning “interest” for the period you agree to.

Jumbo CDs

Our Jumbo Certificates of Deposit (CDs) pay fixed rates of interest for fixed periods of time. These short-term investments are issued at face value in any increment above $100,000, and are a great way to guarantee a certain yield.

Eurodollar Time Deposits

Take advantage of the competitive rates offered on these short-term money market investments issued by Webster’s Grand Cayman branch. Eurodollar deposits don’t have FDIC insurance, but they can offer an alternate investment with a competitive yield for your investment needs.

Commercial Paper

Investing in Commercial Paper provides you with unsecured, uninsured promissory notes issued by creditworthy corporations. With their short maturity terms, they can offer you an ideal way to diversify your investments.

U.S. Treasury + Government Agency Securities

Treasury Securities and Agency Securities are minimum credit risk investment products that are backed or sponsored by the U.S. Government. At Webster Investments, you can choose from a range of Treasury bills, notes, and bonds to add more stability to your portfolio, to help address your short- or long-term investment needs.

To invest in our Treasury Products, first open a Webster deposit account.

To learn more about our Treasury Products, please call us at 1-888-578-2323, or email


While some products listed above may offer FDIC insurance, others may not. Please review each product description carefully (through the links provided) and contact Webster's Treasury Sales area at 1-888-578-2323 with any questions, or for additional information.

Securities and Insurance Products:

 Not Insured by FDIC  Not Bank Guaranteed  May Lose Value 
 Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency  Not a Bank Deposit 

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