Installment Loan

When you need a straightforward loan with a simple payment plan, Webster can deliver.

  • Fast Facts
  • Access money for large purchases
  • Pay in fixed installments
  • Automatic payments available

When you’ve got a purchase—big or small—in mind, and need some financing to complete it, an Installment Loan from Webster may be the perfect solution for you.

With an Installment Loan, you repay it over a specific term or time period with monthly installment payments. And because it has a fixed rate of interest, you’ll enjoy the security of knowing your payments will be the same each month.

Our Installment Loans Offer You

  • A fixed interest rate for steady monthly payments
  • The stability of a set number of payments each month
  • Automatic payment deductions from any Webster Checking account
  • A great way to pay for a car, boat, vacation or home improvements


Installment loans are subject to credit approval.