Webster’s CDs provide guaranteed fixed rates and the greater peace of mind you deserve

  • Fast Facts
  • Higher interest rates
  • Rates guaranteed for term
  • Only $1000 to open
Looking for longer term savings solutions?

Consider a 3, 4 or 5 year Webster CD.

  • These rates are available with WebsterOne or Premier Checking for a limited time.
    For more rates, click here.

With Webster's Certificates of Deposit (CDs), you’ll lock in a great, fixed rate on your savings for the term of your account. Choose from a variety of terms, and enjoy the financial security of guaranteed growth, as well as FDIC protection you can count on.

Why a long-term CD at Webster?

  • Long-term CD rates are better than short-term CD rates.
  • A mix of long and short term choices can provide the best combination of return and ready access, ask us how.
  • CDs can be an important part of your retirement mix. At Webster, most of our CDs can be available as an IRA. Stop by a local branch for more information.

Webster CDs Offer You

  • The security of a guaranteed rate for a fixed term
  • Varying terms to meet your savings goals
  • Interest is compounded and credited monthly
  • Automatic monthly interest payments available
  • 10-day grace period at maturity
  • Greater peace of mind with FDIC insurance
  • Open your CD with a $1,000 minimum deposit today.

Keep in Mind

  • Early Withdrawal. If any portion of the principal balance is withdrawn from your CD prior to the maturity date, an early withdrawal penalty will be imposed as permitted by law.
    • If the term of your CD is one year or less, the penalty will be equal to 1% of the amount withdrawn plus $25.
    • If the term of your CD is greater than one year, the penalty will be equal to 3% on the amount withdrawn plus $25.
Open an account
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