Growing Your Business the Right Way

Your hard work has paid off and you’re ready to take your business to the next level. At Webster, we’re here to provide the tools and support to help you grow bigger, stronger—and smarter.

A successful long-lasting business doesn’t just happen. There are no magic ingredients, just hard work, some sweat, a few tears—and of course, careful planning. As your business grows, or is about to, there’ll be many important steps to take and decisions to make today that can impact your future.


With Webster by your side, you don’t have to do it alone. Here, you’ll always have the right resources and the professional support you need to navigate a safe path for growth, prepare for the unexpected, and steer clear from risk.


At Webster, safety and security is at the heart of all our services. So you can be sure that not only are we looking after your best interests today, we’re looking to ensure your success for the long term.


Webster’s Solutions Can Help Your Business

Get Financing
Borrowing options designed for your business and your bottom line
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Protect Your Assets
Find a range of accounts that keep your money safe and sound
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Manage Cash
Take advantage of tools that give you more control over your cash
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You’ve put endless hours of work into your business, but without capital, you can only go so far. At Webster, we’re here to help.


Whether you want to buy or renovate property, purchase inventory or equipment, or train or hire employees, we’ll work with you to find the best financing to build your business. And together, we can determine the right amount for your needs, with the right terms that fit within your financial picture.


Lending Options* for Small Businesses

Our suite of Business credit cards offers the flexibility to separate business expenses from personal expenses, access to free spending reports and the purchasing power you need to manage your business cash flow.


With flexible terms, custom repayment plans, and competitive rates, our Small Business Term Loans can offer the ideal solution to finance your business’ long-term growth. And if you’re a Webster business checking account customer, you’ll also enjoy preferred rates.


If you often have new business opportunities and last-minute needs, our Small Business Lines of Credit offer you quick, easy access to money. With Lines of Credit, you borrow what you need, whenever you need it. 


For businesses with difficulty meeting the requirements of conventional commercial loans, Webster also offers SBA Loans. As a Preferred Lender with the Small Business Administration (SBA), Webster can offer the fast approvals and special flexibility you may be looking for.


Solutions Fit for Your Industry

At Webster, we have financing solutions* for many different industries, including Accounting, Not-for-Profit, Legal, Medical, and Associations. Our experience in the fields allows us to customize solutions to fit your unique demands.


Real Estate Financing + Refinancing*

For your own real estate needs, Webster offers customized financing and refinancing for Commercial Real Estate. So whether you wish to buy existing space or build the space you’ve always wanted, we can help. 


And if real estate investing is more your business, Webster also offers financing for Commercial Real Estate Investors.



*All credit products and pricing are subject to the normal credit approval process. Some applications may require further consideration and/or supplemental information. Certain terms and conditions may apply. SBA guaranteed products may also be subject to additional terms, conditions and fees. Requires a Webster business checking account which must be opened prior to loan closing and which must be used for auto-deduct of payment.

One of the most important steps in growing your business is ensuring that your current assets—like your hard-earned money and your hard-working employees—remain safe and secure. At Webster, we offer a wide range of solutions that help provide the reassurance you want and the strong foundation you need to build from.


Enjoy the Security of FDIC Insurance

When you’re looking to expand your business, there are many accounts to grow your money, but none are as stable and steady as FDIC-insured checking and savings accounts. At Webster, we offer a variety of advantageous accounts that keep your hard-earned money safe, and make sense for your company.


From no-frills to full-service, Webster has designed a variety of checking and savings accounts to fit your unique business needs.


Webster Business Value Checking, a low-cost account that includes the services every business owner needs. Pair it with our popular Webster Business Value Savings, which has no minimum balance requirements and no monthly fee, for an easy way to earn interest on your revenue.


For higher-volume checking, Webster offers Commercial Checking for Small Business, for companies with balances of $25K or higher, and Checking with Interest, designed for sole proprietors, non-profits, and government agencies. Both have low fees, and neither requires a minimum balance.


In addition to our general business accounts, Webster offers custom checking accounts for law firms and real estate agencies. Among other industry-specific features, they provide automatic interest transfers to local industry authorities for simplified bookkeeping. IOLTA Checking for lawyers and IOREBTA Checking for realtors pay interest on your clients’ money without monthly service charges or minimum required balances. 


For higher-yield savings, Premier Business Money Market offers our most competitive interest rates to customers who also have Webster Complete Business Checking or Commercial Checking for Small Business. There is no monthly service charge and rates are tiered – so, the higher your balance, the greater your rate.


Protect Against an Unpredictable Market

Peace of mind also means knowing that both your banking and borrowing remain stable when market conditions change. That’s why at Webster, we provide the tools that help you plan for potential problems.


For businesses with outstanding floating-rate loans, Webster’s Interest Rate Risk Management can help protect your company from costly rate fluctuations. Interest Rate Swaps transition your debt to a fixed rate, while Collars and Caps each limit the amount your rate can rise and fall. After all, interest rates can’t be predicted, but we can help you find ways to reduce, eliminate, or offset your exposure.


If you do business internationally, dealing with foreign currencies can also present challenges. That’s why Webster offers Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts to help you hedge your exchange rate risk and help protect you from unexpected—and unfavorable—fluctuations in exchange rates.


Look After Your Important Assets

Webster offers insurance products and services, through our relationship with USI Insurance Services, to minimize your financial risk by protecting your growing business with the custom coverage it needs.


For basic protection, Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance, covers your business against liability for property loss or damage, as well as personal injury. You can also choose additional coverage based on your individual needs, like Workers’ Compensation or Commercial Auto Insurance.


And to help you prevent losses before they happen, Webster also offers Loss Control Services for Employee Safety, Fleet, and Property and Liability Services. By reducing potential liability exposures in your workplace, you can save time, money, and even lives.


Protecting your assets also means looking after your most valuable resource: your staff. When you offer Employee Benefits, you’re investing in the future of both your employees and your business. Look into Webster’s Group Medical and Dental Service options, as well as Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Retirement Benefits and more for your employees.


Get the International Protection You Need

When you’re ready to grow your business overseas, but not as prepared to grow your company costs, Webster can help you secure the capital you need to expand your operation. Pre-Export Working Capital, short-term lines of credit, guaranteed by the U.S. Export-Import Bank, allow you to finance sales and acquire inventory, cover costs related to the manufacture or purchase of goods, and access financing with advantageous rates.


Webster also offers a variety of other international services. With foreign currencies, language barriers, international customs and regulations, we’ll help you navigate the complications of conducting business overseas.


So when you need to find the best international payment method for your business needs, Webster can help. We offer a range of services, including Wire Transfers, Foreign Drafts, Clean Collection service, and Provisional Credit for checks that are payable in a foreign currency.


Also, to ease your mind about your overseas transactions, Webster can provide another secure payment vehicle, a Letter of Credit. Whether for import, export, or a standby transaction, Webster will ensure payments or delivery of goods to help make your business deals run smoothly.


Documentary Collection is similar, and an even simpler method of facilitating transactions overseas. Webster will act as an agent—collecting and forwarding shipping documents to the appropriate parties—in low-risk countries, helping both importers and exporters complete transactions abroad.



Insurance and risk management services offered through a marketing relationship with USI Insurance Services of Connecticut, Inc., a subsidiary of USI Holdings Corporation, which is a portfolio company of Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.

As your company gets bigger and busier, tracking your expenses and revenue will become more difficult and more important than ever. That's why at Webster, we provide Cash Management Services to make the process easier.


With tools that collect and disburse payments as well as provide details on transactions, we help find ways to lower payment costs, remove paper from the process, and automate payments. All of our services center around our secure, online system, Webster Web-Link®, that allows you to review and initiate payment transactions.


Get Total Control of Your Accounts

Get real-time status information online for all of your Webster business accounts at your fingertips. Webster Web-Link®, our online reporting and transaction system, lets you retrieve, review, and analyze information about your accounts in a secure environment anywhere, anytime.


Plus, our security and administrative controls enhance your internal capabilities by letting you customize your user access.


Protect Your Business With Fraud Services

At Webster, keeping your business information secure is our top priority. Positive Pay, Webster's highly effective fraud control system, prevents fraud before it happens by letting you view potentially fraudulent activity on your account via Webster Web-Link®.


With Check Positive Pay, your list of issued checks is sent to Webster and compared—by serial number, amount, and payee name—against checks presented for payment against your account through the standard clearing process and at Webster's teller line. Anything potentially fraudulent is posted immediately via Webster Web-Link®.


For ACH transactions, ACH Positive Pay and Debit Block services protect your account electronically from unauthorized or potentially fraudulent ACH debits. These services are used in conjunction with Check Positive Pay, and with ACH Positive Pay, you can restrict access to your commercial accounts.


Optimize Your Banking

Another feature added to is Business Remote Deposit, which gives  you the extra convenience of depositing checks from the convenience of your office or place of business. By reducing your trips to the bank, you'll have more time to spend running your business. You can eliminate waiting in line at the branch - and, you'll have the ability to make deposits up to 8pm on the same day you receive your check payments. It's like having a Webster branch right in your office.

Want to speed up the payments themselves? Webster Payment-Link® can help. This secure online payment solution allows you to maximize the potential of your company's website and enables your customers to pay their bills right on your site, using credit cards, debit cards, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.


It's easy for them, and easy for your business. With this service, you'll reduce the number of paper checks to collect, and speed up the cash-receipts process to get payments posted faster.


If you're looking to substantially reduce the work associated with collecting and processing payments, Webster offers Wholesale and Retail Lockbox Processing. With this convenient service, your customers remit payment to you through a regional post office box, and Webster picks them up and handles the processing for you—endorsing, imaging, and depositing the items the same day.


We promptly re-associate the payments with any additional remittance information—along with custom data reports—and deliver them to you online via Webster Web-Link®, on a CD-ROM, or through FTP delivery. 


After all, the faster your customers' payments are processed, the faster your business gets paid, and the more cash you have to grow your business.