Asset Management + Specialized Banking Solutions

For your organization’s many different financial needs, Webster Financial Advisors offers one comprehensive source for money management solutions and strategic expertise.

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As a business, union or government agency, you may depend on a number of separate resources and third party administrators to handle your financial affairs. Not only can this cost you needless time and money, it can cause problematic inconsistencies in your larger financial strategy.


At Webster Financial Advisors, we offer a total solution. With a full suite of institutional trust capabilities to integrate all of your various financial services, we can provide hands-on, expert management of your assets, and ensure sound decisions are made based on your bigger financial objectives.


Webster Financial Advisors is a department of Webster Bank, a leader in financial services as one of the 50 largest financial institutions nationwide. With decades of experience working with business, union and government agency decision makers, their attorneys, and accountants, our team is dedicated to providing the sophisticated financial strategies and solutions you need to help ensure many prosperous years to come.


Webster Financial Advisors Offers You These Services


Asset Management
Services to help grow, protect, and preserve your organization’s assets.
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Specialized Lending + Preferred Banking
Customize solutions that meet your specific need for liquidity and security.
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Fiduciary Services
For trusts and custody, we provide the hands-on support to protect your best interest.
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At Webster Financial Advisors, our seasoned investment professionals provide the unbiased advice and sound recommendations that can help you build, protect, and preserve your organization’s assets.


By working closely with you to understand your business, union or government agency’s financial goals, as well as your investment and spending policies, we can develop a strategy and customize services to meet your objectives.


Webster Financial Advisor Offers You


Concentrated Capital Investments
For our business clients, Webster Financial Advisors offer a unique opportunity for short-term asset management. In this disciplined process, our investment experts customize portfolios made up of “proprietary money funds” that allow you to meet your liquidity needs while maximizing your returns.


With liquidity, safety, and yield as main objectives, Webster’s Concentrated Capital can offer you a smart way to make the most of your current assets.


401(k) Plans
To help you provide your employees a high-quality retirement plan, we offer a full-serviced 401(k) program powered by Fidelity. By teaming up Webster Financial Advisors’ seasoned retirement specialists with a world-class leader of 401(k) plans, we can offer you and your employees the ultimate retirement plan to meet both your objectives, and those of your employees.


At Webster, we understand how time and resource-consuming plan administration can be. Our goal is to simplify and manage the details for you—from educating your employees to helping you choose, evaluate, and monitor funds and ensure they meet your needs.


Pension Plans
As your institutional trustee, Webster Financial Advisors can help you take on all the responsibilities related to your organization’s pensions. We can ensure compliant transactions, safekeeping of assets, accuracy of valuations, and distributions with full state and federal tax reporting.


At Webster, we offer fiduciary protection to plan administrators, while providing your employees and retirees the confidence that their pensions and retirement plans are well looked after.


ESOP Plans
Webster Financial Advisors is one of the few remaining trust companies to actively offer business owners fiduciary services for ESOP plans. Our expertise and dedicated trust systems allow us to account for ESOP Plans and help you access your company’s liquidity, provide your employees a great retention incentive, and attract new talent.


Escrow Services
Whether transactions are simple or sophisticated, Webster Financial Advisors offers the comprehensive escrow services, as well as the support services, you may need if you’re buying or selling a business. We can provide for a full suite of money funds, mutual funds, or other separate account management of proceeds.


Webster also offers the full-trust accounting, sub-accounting, and distribution services not many trust companies provide today.

For successful organizations, credit options can often be complex. With Webster Financial Advisors, you’ll work closely with a specialized team of experts to simplify the process, and customize solutions that meet your specific need for liquidity and security.


Webster Financial Advisors Offers You


Creative Credit Solutions
Whether you need financing to grow your organization, or keep up with demand, we can find or design a solution that works for your overall financial strategy, and also offers investment flexibility.


Our broad range of short- and long-term borrowing solutions include:

  • Revolving credit lines secured by liquid assets, like stocks and bonds
  • Business loans for commercial real estate
  • Customized term loans structured to meet your unique needs

And because of our size and ability to make decisions locally, we offer the quick response time you need for time-sensitive opportunities.


Preferred Banking Services
When you have your investments and lending products linked with your bank accounts, it’s easier to shift resources quickly for better cash flow and liquidity. Here at Webster Financial Advisors, we can set you up with the best accounts to help you streamline your banking processes, as well as make your assets work harder.

Choose from products and services like:

  • Real-time online services for all your Webster accounts on Webster Web-Link®
  • Automated Investments via Repurchase Agreements/Sweeps
  • Government-friendly municipal checking accounts
  • Convenient Remote Deposit Capture with Webster Deposit-link® for large businesses that deposit more than 100 checks per month, have multiple locations, and a need for cash management services
  • Or, convenient Business Remote Deposit using for businesses that deposit up to 100 checks per month and do not need cash management services

Expect Better Banking

When you entrust Webster as your fiduciary, we can provide the hands-on and expert support you need to ensure the right steps are taken to protect you and the best interests of your business, union or government agency.


Webster Financial Advisors Offers You


Custody Services
By delegating Webster as your custodian, we’ll assume the complex day-to-day administration of your portfolio and tend to every detail skillfully and efficiently according to your wishes and objectives.


At Webster, our overall goal is to help you maximize cost efficiency while managing risks, and provide you the timely information needed to make smart investment decisions.


Our services include:

  • Safekeeping of securities and reporting
  • Collection of interest and dividends
  • Securities notification
  • Settlement of securities transactions
  • Daily cash investment
  • Periodic investment reports and transaction statements

Corporate Trust Services
At Webster Financial Advisors, we understand that the direct management and administration related to your organization’s assets can be complicated and time-consuming.


By choosing Webster as your trustee, you can rest assured that we will work on your behalf to carry out all the tasks as defined in the trust in accordance to your financial objectives, and with the skill, solid judgment, and the highest integrity you can always rely on.


Count on Webster Financial Advisors for:

  • Objective decision-making
  • Continuity in service for full term of trust
  • Confidentiality of sensitive financial information
  • Expert asset management for your financial and non-financial estate
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Collection and distribution of interest and dividends
  • Safeguarding and custody of trust assets

Directed Services
If you want the freedom and full discretion of selecting your own investments, but prefer to delegate the complex day-to-day management, Webster Financial Advisors also offers convenient directed account services.


So while you maintain complete control of investment decisions, our skilled trust administrators will work on your behalf to monitor your account, ensure your accounting is accurate, and maximize your cash flow.


Take advantage of services such as:

  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Investment supervision
  • Quarterly asset and transaction statements
  • Safekeeping and delivery of assets
  • Presentation of maturities for payment
  • Trade settlement and transaction processing
  • Pricing and account valuation
  • Cash sweep services


Investment, trust, credit and banking services offered through Webster Financial Advisors, a department of Webster Bank, National Association. Investment products offered by Webster Financial Advisors are not FDIC or government insured; are not guaranteed by Webster Bank; may involve investment risks, including loss of principal amount invested; and are not deposits or other obligations of Webster Bank.


Webster Financial Advisors is not in the business of providing tax or legal advice. Consult with your independent attorney, tax consultant or other professional advisor for final recommendations and before changing or implementing any financial, tax or estate planning advice.


All credit products are subject to the normal credit approval process.


SEI Investments Management Corp. (SIMC) is the investment advisor to the SEI Funds and co-advisor to the Individual Managed Account Program (IMAP). Funds distributed by SEI Investment Distribution Co. (SIDCO). SIMC and SIDCO are wholly owned subsidiaries of SEI Investments Company. SEI Investments Management and Webster Financial Advisors are independent entities.


Insurance and risk management services offered through a marketing relationship with USI Insurance Services of Connecticut, Inc., a subsidiary of USI Holdings Corporation, which is a portfolio company of Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.


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